Bulldog Plumbing handled our plumbing problem in a timely, professional manner. I would recommend them and use their company again. I appreciated their honesty. Betsy G.- Batavia

We had to have some plumbing work done on our nearly 100-year-old house, and it involved an issue with our city water department. That could have made it very complex, but Bulldog Plumbing made sure I knew exactly the right questions to ask city officials. They even offered to call the water department directly if I needed them to. On the day of the work, Bulldog Plumbing was right on time and worked everything out with the city workers for me. While they were here, they were very courteous and just great with my preschool daughter, who was quite curious about what they were doing. It's been a few months now, and we've been very happy with the work Bulldog Plumbing did for us. And even before they did the work, Bulldog Plumbing's process for providing us with an estimate was wonderful: They gave us two different options, each with a different price, and walked us through the pros and cons of each. They asked us questions to make sure they understood what we were looking for, and they welcomed all of my questions and answered them in a straightforward, simple to understand manner. I highly recommend Bulldog Plumbing and Specialists. Tara B.-Geneva

Doug with Bulldog Plumbing has done work in my Batavia home and my Geneva business. He has been fantastic in both settings and I will continue to use and recommend Bulldog Plumbing! Sarah V.-Batavia

BULLDOG PLUMBING to the rescue! Our old plumbing sprung a valve leak during an attempted faucet replacement. We called Bulldog Plumbing! The job turned out to be tougher than we thought but that company is named right! The plumber persisted and sweated and fixed it right! The cost was so reasonable too. Go Bulldog Plumbing!!! Donna A. -St. Charles